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“Most people define the office as the place where we go to work. We define it as the place where we live while we work. Let's turn the office into a friendly space where your team wants to be.”

Joëlle Moratin
CEO of CM Ibérica

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A manifesto in defense of the good office

In recent years, there have been some doubts about the future of offices. Teleworking and new lifestyle habits have caused that companies and workers rethink their relationship with the work space.

But the truth is that offices are still irreplaceable.

Sharing a physical space generates emotional bonds between co-workers. It is the place where teams are created and where new ideas flourish. There are laughs, moments of complicity, rituals...

All this has an impact on productivity and company culture. That is why offices will always have a strategic role.

At CM Ibérica we create spaces where all this is possible. Incorporating those new ways of working that are here to stay.

We have been in the sector for 30 years. We have witnessed how things have changed and we know where they are headed.


Joëlle Moratin


Indira Trepat

Project manager

María José López

Financial director

In-house specialists and collaborating professionals

We have operators, technical professionals and architects on staff. We also have trusted industrial workers such as metalworkers, woodworkers, electricians or refrigeration system installers who join the projects depending on the needs.

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3 more reasons to work with us

Personal involvement
When we present you a proposal, we are 200% involved. Our work becomes a personal matter.

We believe that part of our job is to keep you informed at all times. Even if that means a higher dedication on our part.

We are realistic with the proposals, the deadlines and the costs. If something cannot be done, we will tell you and we will look for the best alternative.


Shall we talk?

Request your free consultation session. You can call us at +34 93 229 64 02, send us an email to info@cm-iberica.net or complete this short form.

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